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Top 3 Countries with the Worst Human Rights Violations

Human rights

Human rights violation is one of the common problems that we face in the world today. A lot of activities that we encounter and read about are acts that violate the human rights. Most of the times our visions remain clouded, and the law points stay blurred. You are pretty much blessed to live the kind of life that you are living if your rights haven’t been violated at least once. A lot of people on a day to day basis are making a livelihood at the cost of their rights. Though it is painstaking, we are trying to list the top 3 worst nations with human rights violation, out of the 197 countries in the world. So here’s the list.

Counties with worst human rights violation:


Though I would like to list a few more countries along with Burma, Burma, I would say, is facing one of the worst scenarios in the whole world. There is a hardcore violation of human rights in Burma. Though it’s been a couple of years since the inception of the new government and they are implementing various rules and policies, the only thing that the government is finding hard to curtail is the violation of human rights and the corrupt judicial system. There are always endless fights, wars and bloodshed in Burma, which can also be one of the major reasons for Burma facing a lot of troubles and inhuman acts.

North Korea:

North Korea is always a place that holds the record for the infamous violent acts that take place there. The human rights violation is the most significant problem here, and there seems to be nothing more important in the whole world than to help North Koreans get rid of their troubles. There is some sort of a monarchy that runs in Korea and with every new generation taking over the political leadership ring things are getting worse in Korea. They have had a string of leaders who persecute and ill-treat their own citizens. Along with all this, Korea has become a place of mass killings and atrocities, and nobody seems to care about it.

South Sudan:

South Sudan is yet another place that has a record of crime and is in a position that is no less than Burma and North Korea. South Sudan is one of the under-developed countries. Almost all the under-developed countries in the world are known for the illicit jobs that they practice across the globe. It is from these less-developed countries we see pirates and thieves ruling the oceans and looting from the passengers. Apart from that, the people of these countries are also prone to unfair trials and persecutions. More than one lakh refugees in the whole of South Sudan were killed in a mass murder case, and no one knows what happened to the evil-doers.

How the US Manages to Protect the Rights of its Civilians?


Human rights violation is one of the alarming problems of the world. There are so many countries in the world that fail to patronise the importance of human rights and face issues in solving the corresponding problems. So out of all these countries, the United States of America has always managed to maintain law and order and rank fair when it comes to preserving the rights of its civilians. So here we are going to see some of the important factors that impact the human rights in the US.


Human rights and the United States of America:

Among most of the global countries and even the developed countries, the United States of America had always managed to stay in the top position when it came to the protection of Human rights. This is the same reason as to why they also have a strong holding, and they have a say in the affairs of the international peacekeeping organizations such as UNO, UNESCO, UNICEF, and others. One must understand that human rights promotion is not just about protecting the rights of the public but also framing a tough law that would make sure that the offenders of the law are given with the right kind of punishment.

This is the reason as to why the US ranks better than the other countries of the world. They not only ensure that their citizens get to enjoy their rights but also make sure that the offenders of the law and the violators of human rights are served with severe punishment. This will automatically reduce the crime rate in the United States, and this is the reason as to the US is one the best countries in the world when it comes to preserving the rights of the public.

So does it have a negative side?

We have had a long list of accolades of the country, but it is also important for us to make a note if the bright nation has a dark side as well. Yes, it does, and you read it right. The people in the United States of America do come across violent scenarios both from internal and external zones. It also has a list of issues that affect the welfare and the growth of the nation. We are only trying to drop down to a conclusion that the US is not an exception to the human rights problem. What matters at the end of the day, are the efforts that they are taking and the reduction in the rate of violation.

The United States Program of Human Rights Watch:

In trying to understand the human rights factor along with the United States of America, there is one more that we have to take into concern, and that is the United States Program of Human Rights Watch. The United States of America launched a program that would protect the right of the US civilians. On the other hand, they also made punishments more rigorous in the event of someone taking up an offensive stand. So these are some of the significant measures taken up by the country to protect and promote the human rights of its residents.

Gender Matters future at the Mill House

A number of people have recently asked about the future funding of Gender Matters, so rather than leaving this to the ‘good old-fashioned grapevine’, we’ll respond here, as follows:

The current funded projects come to an end in mid-July and, as many of you may know, these are tough times for charities such as Gender Matters. With so many charities and third sector organisations facing an uncertain future, and funders having to deal with large numbers of applications, the trustees have faced a number of tough decisions. However, Gender Matters will continue as a charity.

The charity is reliant on funding to provide services, the trustees have discussed what happens after the current funded projects come to an end, we would like to stress that the end of the current funded projects does not mean the end of Gender Matters.

Faced with the ending of the funding for the current projects and in an effort, to refocus on the future of the charity, we have taken the decision that the charity will no longer be based at the Mill House.

Counselling, will be available from an alternative location. Details to be published shortly.

Additionally, the last drop-in will be on the 26th June 2014.

After the 17th July, people can still contact Gender Matters either via email or by telephone (answered between certain hours), the website and various social media outlets.

As previously mentioned counselling will after the 17th July 2014, be available from an alternative location.

And finally an offer to our fellow support organisations within the West Midlands.
There are a number of other charities/third sector organisations, within the local area (West Midlands, etc.) who currently provide excellent services to the community and we are more than happy to talk to representatives about any additional services they may now look to provide to the community and if they require any assistance, etc. we will be available to discuss, or provide assistance wherever possible.

The Big Bash auction at Gender Matters on 26th June

Check out our online auction catalogue. The Big Bash auction is taking place on Thursday 26th of June from 6pm-7.30pm. We are selling a number of items so don’t miss out on getting yourself a bargain.

Going, going, gone! The ‘committee’ (well the Trustees) have given me permission to auction off a few ‘things’ from the Mill House.
You know, the sort of things, those wonderful bucket seats, coffee tables, television and anything else that I can get my hands on. This is to raise money for Gender Matters.
The auction will take place on the 26th June at about 6pm so, auction items will be put on sale, people place bids on individual lots and the highest bid wins, ‘simples’.
As I say, any money raised will go to GM. The rules are simple and can be summarised, as follows:
Items can be viewed prior to the auction. Ensure you’ve got the cash to pay for the item otherwise, you can’t have it! You’ll have seven days in which to pay for item or items (won in the auction) and collect (no ‘free’ home deliveries, Oh no! that’ll cost more!) and, payment in cash. Items are sold as seen. Some items will have a reserve price (meaning that if the reserve isn’t reached then the item will be withdrawn from the auction).And finally; the ‘management’ reserve the right, to withdraw items.

Trustees wanted

Trustees wanted

Gender Matters is currently encouraging applications from people who would consider themself to be either a member of, or an ally to, the trans community, looking to volunteer their time and experience as a trustee of the charity.

Your professional background might be in education, health or social care; it may be that you offer expert financial, fundraising or business development expertise within the voluntary, public or commercial sector.

Trustees can claim out-of-pocket expenses, such as travel to and from trustee meetings.

Stonewall Meeting

Yesterday, Saturday, 30th August was the day of the ‘Stonewall (England) and individuals from the trans* community’, meeting in London.

A brief historical synopsis (Sherrie style), if anyone is wondering what all the fuss is about: Currently Stonewall are an LGB organisation (see Stonewall website – “the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity”), and so historically, in basic terms, not an LGBT organisation, with much being made of the lack of ‘T’ in Stonewall, and so on. But as with everything, ‘times they change’, and yesterday, was as some are saying ‘the first step’, whilst others add, ‘historic day’.

There’s many accounts on-line, and at least one page on Facebook and Twitter pages. Therefore, I’ll not bore anyone with any, ‘tomfoolery’, cutting and pasting, the work of others…so if you’re interested see the first hand accounts.

So although there’s much chatter, various accounts from yesterdays’ meeting with Stonewall, all of which appear to express a similar sentiment, in one form or another, that it was a positive meeting. Much is yet to be done, this is one of a number of activities/engagements, designed to engage with individuals from the community, not just activists, campaigners, leaders, etc., and according to many of those who attended, and with particular reference to those who wish to participate, everyone is welcome to join in the process. For anyone with doubts, in my opinion, no one has been appointed to represent you, and your views matter, and to quote:

From the Stonewall website page: ‘We’d like to hear from you too. You can send us an email below or call 08000 50 20 20 and someone will give you a call back. If you’ve written a blog, please do send us the link. We want to hear about what you think the next steps are to achieve equality for trans people and the role that Stonewall might be able to play. We promise to keep you updated as conversations progress.’