Top 3 Countries with the Worst Human Rights Violations

Human rights

Human rights violation is one of the common problems that we face in the world today. A lot of activities that we encounter and read about are acts that violate the human rights. Most of the times our visions remain clouded, and the law points stay blurred. You are pretty much blessed to live the kind of life that you are living if your rights haven’t been violated at least once. A lot of people on a day to day basis are making a livelihood at the cost of their…

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How the US Manages to Protect the Rights of its Civilians?


Human rights violation is one of the alarming problems of the world. There are so many countries in the world that fail to patronise the importance of human rights and face issues in solving the corresponding problems. So out of all these countries, the United States of America has always managed to maintain law and order and rank fair when it comes to preserving the rights of its civilians. So here we are going to see some of the important factors that impact the human rights in the US. Human…

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