Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

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Breast enhancement, together with nose surgery, is among one of the most prominent treatments requested by females. Technical developments have made the “boob job” treatment more secure. Teardrop-shaped breast implants provide more natural looking results. Surgical methods such as the transumbilical boob job (TUBA) or insertion of implants at the armpit have helped to lessen scarring. Just what’s even more, … Read More

Top 3 Countries with the Worst Human Rights Violations

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Human rights

Human rights violation is one of the common problems that we face in the world today. A lot of activities that we encounter and read about are acts that violate the human rights. Most of the times our visions remain clouded, and the law points stay blurred. You are pretty much blessed to live the kind of life that you … Read More

How the US Manages to Protect the Rights of its Civilians?

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Human rights violation is one of the alarming problems of the world. There are so many countries in the world that fail to patronise the importance of human rights and face issues in solving the corresponding problems. So out of all these countries, the United States of America has always managed to maintain law and order and rank fair when … Read More

Gender Matters future at the Mill House

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A number of people have recently asked about the future funding of Gender Matters, so rather than leaving this to the ‘good old-fashioned grapevine’, we’ll respond here, as follows: The current funded projects come to an end in mid-July and, as many of you may know, these are tough times for charities such as Gender Matters. With so many charities … Read More

The Big Bash auction at Gender Matters on 26th June

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Check out our online auction catalogue. The Big Bash auction is taking place on Thursday 26th of June from 6pm-7.30pm. We are selling a number of items so don’t miss out on getting yourself a bargain. Going, going, gone! The ‘committee’ (well the Trustees) have given me permission to auction off a few ‘things’ from the Mill House.
You know, the … Read More

Trustees wanted

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Trustees wanted Gender Matters is currently encouraging applications from people who would consider themself to be either a member of, or an ally to, the trans community, looking to volunteer their time and experience as a trustee of the charity. Your professional background might be in education, health or social care; it may be that you offer expert financial, fundraising … Read More

Stonewall Meeting

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Yesterday, Saturday, 30th August was the day of the ‘Stonewall (England) and individuals from the trans* community’, meeting in London. A brief historical synopsis (Sherrie style), if anyone is wondering what all the fuss is about: Currently Stonewall are an LGB organisation (see Stonewall website – “the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity”), and so historically, in basic terms, not an … Read More