Top 3 Countries with the Worst Human Rights Violations

Human rights

Human rights violation is one of the common problems that we face in the world today. A lot of activities that we encounter and read about are acts that violate the human rights. Most of the times our visions remain clouded, and the law points stay blurred. You are pretty much blessed to live the kind of life that you are living if your rights haven’t been violated at least once. A lot of people on a day to day basis are making a livelihood at the cost of their rights. Though it is painstaking, we are trying to list the top 3 worst nations with human rights violation, out of the 197 countries in the world. So here’s the list.

Counties with worst human rights violation:


Though I would like to list a few more countries along with Burma, Burma, I would say, is facing one of the worst scenarios in the whole world. There is a hardcore violation of human rights in Burma. Though it’s been a couple of years since the inception of the new government and they are implementing various rules and policies, the only thing that the government is finding hard to curtail is the violation of human rights and the corrupt judicial system. There are always endless fights, wars and bloodshed in Burma, which can also be one of the major reasons for Burma facing a lot of troubles and inhuman acts.

North Korea:

North Korea is always a place that holds the record for the infamous violent acts that take place there. The human rights violation is the most significant problem here, and there seems to be nothing more important in the whole world than to help North Koreans get rid of their troubles. There is some sort of a monarchy that runs in Korea and with every new generation taking over the political leadership ring things are getting worse in Korea. They have had a string of leaders who persecute and ill-treat their own citizens. Along with all this, Korea has become a place of mass killings and atrocities, and nobody seems to care about it.

South Sudan:

South Sudan is yet another place that has a record of crime and is in a position that is no less than Burma and North Korea. South Sudan is one of the under-developed countries. Almost all the under-developed countries in the world are known for the illicit jobs that they practice across the globe. It is from these less-developed countries we see pirates and thieves ruling the oceans and looting from the passengers. Apart from that, the people of these countries are also prone to unfair trials and persecutions. More than one lakh refugees in the whole of South Sudan were killed in a mass murder case, and no one knows what happened to the evil-doers.

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